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Meet The Team

Whether you are looking for a specific treatment, or have aesthetic goals in mind but aren’t sure how to best achieve your desired look, we are happy to work with you to determine your best plan of treatment & reach your desired look. Our natural looking “less is more” approach will have you looking younger, fuller, & fresh faced with simple & subtle changes. We look forward to meeting you! 

Andrea Perkins

Hello, I’d like to introduce myself! My name is Andrea and I am the Owner/Aesthetician at Skin By Andrea in Dallas, TX.


My first love for skincare came when I was just 13 years old. I had terrible teenage acne that I suffered from for years, all while trying every serum, every machine, every prescription and every doctor. After going on Accutane twice at 14, I still suffered from acne and acne scarring. I was obsessed with figuring out a way to control my face and the mess acne left behind.Having this experience has given me so much knowledge and understanding of the skin and how to treat certain conditions using targeted treatments and ingredients.


My passion for skin goes beyond the outside appearance, but also how a person feels on the inside. I love making my guests feel beautiful from the inside out. I not only asses what I see on your face, but I also like to discuss dietary habits, lifestyle choices, current routines, etc. to get to the bottom of your skin. There’s nothing more that I love to see than a happy guest walk out feeling confident about the skin they’re in!


Let me help you make all of your skin dreams come true!

Aesthetician/Owner of Skin by Andrea


My name is Thalia and I’m a Licensed Aesthetician in Dallas, Texas! 

I’ve had a passion for the beauty industry and skin for as long as I can remember. I would watch skincare videos religiously, try new products and I used to dispense my products into travel containers to let my friends try them too.


When I started high school, I began suffering from acne myself. It seemed like no product would ever work for me. I was put on a variety of prescriptions but nonetheless I still did not have a solution that I was content with. When I graduated high school, I applied for school to become an esthetician. I was so fascinated with the technology and ingredients and very quickly became a skincare nerd (even more than I was before).


Now, I have been working as a licensed esthetician for over 2 years! Integrity is always my top priority, I only recommend what I truly believe in. My goal with every client is to educate and advise on the importance of skin health, provide a routine that fits within their lifestyle and give results that give confidence, because skincare should always feel like self care and not a chore. Seeing my clients love themselves makes me genuinely happy and I am so excited to see you glow!

Thalia Bain


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